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Dragami Games announced this month that it Lollipop chainsaw The remake was being released Delayed until 2024. Never played hack-and-slash lollipop Before, but eagerly awaiting the remake, I decided to deal reasonably: I spent $40 on a game made 11 years ago and brought my friends’ indestructible Xbox 360 into my apartment.

I knew scary stories about Upskirt achievement And extensive ObjectificationBut after the game lollipopI think its unicorn vomit-covered action isn’t really offensive, or topped with luscious whipped cream. desperate man Swear it is smeared. Like schoolkids and fairies, the game is misunderstood. And after rummaging through it Dental Floss Bikini And across love letters Cheer uniformsI find that lollipop One of the more charming games for girls out there.

Hack and slash my heart

Yes, it’s for girls. This is especially true for girls in 2023, a year that—like Willa Roe for opposite and Stacey Henley Inn Gamer Note correctly – totally welcome Bimbos, slutsAnd what kind whore To the pot of gold at the end of feminism. The game, a collaboration between the cult-favorite designer Interest51 And Suicide Squad (2021) director James Gunn, features innocently bimbo-slut-whore Captain Juliet Starling as its chain-swinging hero. She is a cheerleader in the fictional Sun Romero In high school, she eats lollipops (“I know what you’re thinking,” she says as her silhouette sports a lean stomach flexing, “I’m getting soooo Fat!”), and he’s taking something Pole dancing class. Today is his 18th birthday. Quail was surprised!

picture: Grasshopper production

Juliet is presented as a caricature, but more I engrave zombie rot With him surpassing his high school Weapons that hit glass, more I think I her. Since the game’s nearly six-hour-long playthrough is limited to button-mashing (here, there are technically extra combos you can buy with the gold medals that come out of the guts of destroyed zombies, I always end up stabbing X and Y repeatedly with my thumb. (see more satisfying) and quick-time events, it’s easy to put yourself on autopilot while mowing down hordes of enemies at low levels.

I button-mash so well that I become an expert at a tumble somersault That sprinkles hot pink and cuts off Juliet’s sparkle hunting path, A combat mechanic Made of candy hearts and glitter, indicating that I killed three (or more) zombies simultaneously and won more gold, and some rare platinum, medals.

Easy war means I float through Lollipop chainsawIts normal setting as a cat on a couch cushion is constantly fun, and I get to buy a shower of power-ups like the health-expanding Rodent Chow Mein or Power Dumbbells to increase my strength, so I never feel overwhelmed. i am less Chainsaw blaster Bullets, or encountering special zombies. Some of these can flyFor some reason.|336x280|120x60|120x90|1x1|400x300|125x125|250x250|320x50|468x60&iu=/22912810984/POSTAD&ciu_szs='fluid',125x125,250x250&env=vp&impl=s&gdfp_req=1&output=vast&unviewed_position_start=1&url=[referrer_url]&description_url=[description_url]&correlator=[timestamp]

I rarely reach out Strawberry lollipop I find flickering around the map to restore my health. I instead, cool, and peruse the “thread” section lollipopIts geocities-style Chop2Shop.zom Store, until I realized that it cost me about 100 platinum medals to cover Juliet’s shoulders.

female hero (concept)

Right – that’s about it. I immediately noticed that the survival horror-comedy game was conflicted about how its player should view Juliet. As he describes it, he’s got a “giant, fat butt” and it’s hardly legal, so, using video game logic. alive or dead, Metal Gear Solid Vor BayonettaHe should wail his way through bloody glamor shots, slipping and falling to victory.

lollipop That method tries, on occasion. Boyfriend jacket after her letterman nick Bitten, Juliet uses magic – a prerequisite for any member of her demon-slaying family – to stop the zombie poison from pressing into her brain, and she ends up A severed, talking head.

“Is this a new purse? Wait, it’s your boyfriend!” Juliet’s sister Rosalind said The first time she sees him hanging by Juliet’s side.

Juliet wears Nick around her waistband like a set of car keys, giving the game’s camera a hall pass for every time her skirt peeks into Nick’s face. Lollipop too A lip joke about Juliet feeling faceplanting on his chest a few timesAnd it allows both enemies and allies to toss nasty catcalls at Juliet without protest.

“I never thought I’d be saved by someone with such great tits,” a classmate I save from marauding, dynamite-laced zombies tells me, quickly making me regret it. Later, during a full-throttle boss battle, all of which represents a rock subgenre, a zombie with a mohawk utters the words—“Stupid cuz! Cocksucker! FUCKING BEACH!”-as an attack That emerges from his face and needs to be dodged or sawed in half.

I constantly get dirty spit on me while walking down the street in my neighborhood, so men don’t say anything. lollipop Sounds like sarcasm to me. It sounds real, and I can feel the butterflies starting to settle in my stomach.

But aside from these uncomfortable moments, when the game seems to be insisting to its presumed male audience that it’s agreeable, Hot Girls is As inanimate as the zombies throughout Juliet’s town are, I don’t think Juliet is mistreated.

Objectives 101

Let’s go back to how she turned her sweet lover into a literal, tossable, malleable object.

“(Nick’s) literally become an accessory, a commodity and denied his humanity,” James Gunn said. A 2012 destructive the interview“Nick is not only imperfect, he is Super Stupid.”

I, again, am not happy with how uncritically lollipop associated with this concept. At one point, fed up with being used as a special attack weapon, or glued onto limp zombie bodies to help Juliet complete tasks—including a Terrible baseball minigame Where I have to shoot enemies while reanimated Nick wields the diamond – Nick blurts out: “You took away my choice, Juliet!”

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This line can be an opportunity for men, albeit, in a humorous context, to better understand themselves as part of the global. Violence against womenAnd to warn women about the dangerous temptation to assume a patriarchal position of power, Make them sparkleBut keep them insidious.

lollipop, instead, closes the loaded line like it’s redundant, like a dropped dollar. I learn to forgive it—it’s a six-hour game, after all; There is not enough time to destroy sex And Hundreds of embalming zombies—but it stuck with me as I tried to process Juliet as a headstrong, complex person.

Not only is she flashy with her screaming chainsaw, she uses her cheerleading skills to pom-pom punch the bad guys, He is also bilingualDevoted to her family, and, a miracle for any teenager, she seems to have a healthy relationship with her sexuality (“Killing zombies gives me total wood,” she says happily).

Like her (relatively) contemporary heroines in the 1997 TV series Buffy2009 movie Jennifer’s bodyOr Gunn’s 2006 directorial debut self expression Slider, Juliet subverts audience expectations for both femininity and attractive women. He refuses Carol J. Constructive definition of clover of The Final Girl, which instructs her to be “a male surrogate in things oedipal, a homoerotic stand-in, included in the audience” and instead pulls out her breasts, like a subject of Swiss artist Pipilotti’s frantically, strongly moving Rist delirium. music video.

What does it all mean?

So I see myself in him. And I can’t get over that.

It’s refreshing to play a game that allows its female protagonist to be annoying conversationsex And Appropriate, romantic And Smart Juliet loves pigtails, short skirts and bazooka bubble gum pink, but she’s not a robot – she’ll stop and cry if she wants to, allowing herself to be vulnerable when reality sets in.

Blood everywhere. There is a rainbow. He is a tough man. Juliet isn’t easy to categorize, but that’s what makes her play so natural, and yet so different from all the “girl games” I’ve played before—flash games that advertised to me with flashing lights, Barbie. Make up game, celebrity dress up, that kind of thing. There was never any death or ugliness as there is Lollipop chainsawAlthough it was always clear from the way people looked and how my favorite horror movies acted that they were also an important part of girlhood.

Juliet encounters zombies in a burning high school building.

picture: Grasshopper production

“You hold me like a magnet / And this ain’t the life for me / No, it ain’t,” Riot growls. Bikini Kill Song.

At this point in gaming, people are arguing about wants a million Baldur’s Gate 3s—Graphically impressive tome, or Second World to run until Mars is out.

i played Lollipop chainsaw On a console since 2005, and I know that simple understanding is what I need from games. This femininity thing is pretty weird, don’t you think? It’s not 24-hour dress-up, not a drama-free boudoir, it’s messy and dangerous like the rest of the world.

Lollipop chainsaw It understands in its heart, and it serves sour gummy worms – fun froth, a zombie-hunter who is given enough space and accessories to be a zombie-hunter is unquestionable.

“I’ve got love that’s strong and not weak / I’ve got love that’s not strong and weak,” declares Bikini Kill. Juliette’s legacy, more than a decade since her 18th birthday, is a high point for women in the game. He inspires me, makes me laugh and teaches me that, god, I love to kill shit on my Xbox.

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