Dylan Mulvaney collab with Maybelline has bigots raging

 Transphobes continue to scrape the barrel to demonstrate their hatred of TikTok star Dylan Mulvaney, promising to boycott makeup brands Maybelline and MAC due to old partnerships with the trans influencer.

 Twitter users pointed out the obvious, that Maybelline and MAC are different brands, not even owned by the same parent company.

 Another linked to the Maybelline video, saying: “This is the entire reason they’re having a meltdown.

 Because Maybelline dared to sponsor a trans woman for this 13-second video.

 “Meanwhile women, trans and cis, with actual problems are left to drown in hatred.”

 Alissa Heinerscheid, who previously defended Mulvaney’s advert as part of trying to make Bud Light more inclusive and less “fratty”, has reportedly taken a leave of absence after the backlash.

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