Fill in somHelen Mirren 'Had to Pretend to Be Cool' in '1923' Bedroom Scenes with Harrison Ford: 'If I Wasn't Married...'e text

Helen Mirren had to keep her cool while filming bedroom scenes with her 1923 costar Harrison Ford.

 "I had to be in the bed with him, you know.

 It's immensely generous and incredibly professional.

He told host Stephen Colbert that Mirren was a "big draw" for him to sign on to star in the Paramount Network show before reminiscing about his time starring opposite the actress in The Mosquito Coast after Colbert, 58, pulled out an on-set picture of the two.

I ask because I have made out with Helen Mirren," he said. "

Season 1 of 1923 is now streaming on Paramount+ 

"I had to be in the bed with him, you know. I’m dressed up to here, but I’m lying there and I’m thinking, 'I'm in bed with Harrison Ford.' I was so excited," Helen Mirren shared of filming 1923